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Drug Possession Lawyer Trenton

Any time you are charged with a Drug Offense in New Jersey, you are faced with serious consequences. These consequences can range from probation, to License Suspensions, to jail. If charged with drug possession, you can be arrested.

Why Am I Being Charged with Possession?

You can be charged with possession if you are caught with any restricted prescription drug you do not have permission to possess, or have any illegal street drug on your person. You may also be charged with possession if you are deemed to be close enough to restricted prescription drugs or illegal street drugs that you are in possession of. A good example of this is when police find drugs in your backseat, but you are the driver. You would be charged with possession in this case because the drugs are close enough to you that you are deemed in Possession of the Drugs.

What Are the Consequences of Being Found Guilty of Possession?

If you are found guilty of possession, your information will be forwarded to the National Crime and Information Center maintained by the FBI. This means that any employer, Landlord, or other person with your information can find the fact you were arrested and found guilty of possessing drugs. As a result, they can deny you a job or a place, or find embarrassing information about you. These consequences can be avoided if you either win the case or are able to get a conditional discharge, or other alternative disposition.

Trenton Drug Possession Lawyer

If you are charged with possession, you can either plead guilty, fight the charges, or try to obtain an alternative disposition. If you plead guilty, you are admitting that you were in Possession Of Drugs. However, if you fight the charges, you could be taking your future into your own hands, since going to trial means that you are rolling the dice and hoping you can win the case.

Many of our clients obtain a conditional discharge, in which you complete certain conditions, and in return, your charges are withdrawn or dismissed by the court. Our experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys have handled this type of disposition for many of our clients.

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If you are charged with Drug Possession, Contact Us today for a free consultation. Drug charges are serious matters, and can land you in jail. Our lawyers have decades of experience in handling these issues.

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