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Improper Passing School Bus Lawyer Trenton

Improperly passing a school bus is a serious traffic offense in New Jersey. Under the state’s driving code, you will be subject to five points, addition of the offense to your driving record, increased insurance rates, and maximum fines.

What Is Passing a School Bus in New Jersey?

The law in New Jersey states there are certain things you need to do when you see a school bus with warning lights on. Specifically, a driver must stop 25 feet away from the bus, while the warning lights and stop sign arm are out, and stay stopped until all children are clear of the road. If a driver does not follow these rules, a police officer can stop the driver and issue a citation.

Furthermore, the law states that drivers must proceed under 10 mph once the school bus’ warning lights and stop sign arm when the bus begins moving again.

The exception to this rule is if a median exists between you and the school bus and you are traveling in the opposite direction. In that case, you are allowed to proceed, but only do so at 10 miles per hour.

Should I Get an Attorney to Fight This Charge?

The short answer is yes, because of the consequences you will face if you either plead or are found guilty. An attorney will help to mitigate these consequences, or even beat the case outright.

There are defenses which can work in many instances. For instance, if the arm of the school bus stop was not fully extended, you may not be liable for the offense. Each case is different and requires a different approach, but an experienced New Jersey Traffic Attorney will be able to craft a defense based on the individual facts of your case.

Trenton Improper Passing School Bus Lawyer

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