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Marijuana Possession Lawyer Trenton

We’ve all seen the news: pot is legal or decriminalized in many cities and states. Imagine your surprise, therefore, when you are arrested or given a criminal citation for marijuana in New Jersey. Unlike in many other states, using or carrying marijuana or related paraphernalia (such as a pipe or rolling papers) is still a criminal offense in New Jersey. This means that you can be arrested, charged, taken to court, and have a criminal charge on your permanent record if you are caught with marijuana.

While pot is accepted in many circles, and cities are choosing to selectively enforce marijuana laws, there are still many consequences that flow from an arrest for possession. If you’re convicted of possession in New Jersey, law enforcement, employers, and others who search your record will find the arrest. For many people, this means losing out on a job, or even having a Landlord refuse to rent a place to you.

Even a small amount of marijuana can and will net you a possession case. For example, even possessing a small roach can get you cited and arrested for possession of marijuana.

Are There Options besides Taking My Case to Trial?

The good news is that if you’re caught with pot, your record need not suffer a blemish – if you choose the right representation. There are options in New Jersey Municipal Court where you can pay a fine, complete community service, and eventually get your record Expunged. Obtaining this program can be difficult, as it is typically at the discretion of both the prosecutor and the judge.

Trenton Lawyer for Marijuana Possession

You should hire a lawyer to obtain a better result than the one you would get if you went by yourself. Hiring an attorney can help you in multiple ways. First, you’ll have someone who can help navigate the legal process. If you’re a first time offender, having a lawyer on your side can help you get into first-time offender programs.

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