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Real Estate Transaction Lawyer Trenton

When you are in the process of buying or selling a home, it is important that you select the right legal counsel. Every document you sign at a closing can, and typically does, have long-lasting effects on your ownership of the property. For this reason, you should never sign any document without having a full understanding of what it means, and how it benefits or harms your interests. When you invest a large sum of money in the purchase of a property, you should be certain that you are buying a good title. There is no such thing as a “routine” or “typical” closing.

Trenton Real Estate Transaction Lawyer

When reviewing buy-sell agreements and other documents at closing, our lawyers are trained to spot any problems that could potentially arise in the future. Your job is to hope for the best, our job is to prepare for the worst. All purchasers of real estate in Pennsylvania should obtain title insurance to ensure the transfer of clean title to the property. The title insurance is there to protect you and your lender. Our Real Estate Lawyers will help you with your title examination. We will then analyze the title report and look for any potential flaws, such as a failure to properly record transfers of title, outstanding liens, or taxes owed on the property, or any other potential issue that could give rise to litigation.

Sellers of real estate are also in need of protection. The contract must protect the seller from the buyer capriciously changing his or her mind and backing out of the deal. Our Real Estate Lawyers routinely protect sellers’ interests through meticulously drafted contract language.

The contract for sale is critical, especially when things go awry. Should anything happen to the property while it is under contract, the terms of the agreement must be in your favor. Our lawyers will make sure you are covered. We will review all documents so you have an understanding of what you are signing, and you can rest assured that the transaction will not create liability on your behalf.

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We are not just good lawyers, we are your Lawyers. It is important to us that you understand everything that is happening at the closing, that you have an understanding of everything that you sign, and that we have answered all your questions.

If you are in the middle of a sale of real estate, whether as a buyer or a seller, or if you are involved in a real estate dispute, please call our office and schedule your free consultation with one of our attorneys today at (609) 257-4976 (Trenton Real Estate Lawyer).

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