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Speeding Ticket Lawyer Trenton

It happens. You’re driving with the flow of traffic, or are in a rush to get somewhere, and you speed. The next thing you know, there are flashing lights in your rear-view mirror, and you are pulled over by a police officer.

Speeding is the most common moving violation in New Jersey Municipal Courts. But that does not mean speeding tickets are trivial or to be ignored. Each individual ticket can come with fines and between 2 and 5 points depending on the rate of speed. The effect of these points is that you will likely pay higher insurance premiums, and a Suspension of Your License will follow if you accrue a total of 12 points. A traffic court attorney can help you to minimize these penalties.

How Police Measure Your Rate of Speed

A visual estimate: The police officer observes your vehicle in motion and estimates how fast you are going.

Pacing: The police officer follows your vehicle for a period of time at a like rate of speed and determines your speed based on a reading of his speedometer.

Radar: The police officer uses a radar gun pointed at your vehicle and it calculates your speed.

Laser: The police officer uses a laser pointed at your vehicle and it calculates your speed.

Points for Speeding
Driving at a speed 1-14 mph faster than the speed limit results in a two point penalty.

Driving at a speed 15-29 mph faster than the speed limit results in a four point penalty.

Driving at a speed 30 or more mph faster than the speed limit results in a five point penalty.

  • Remember, if you are an out of state driver that your home state most likely communicates with New Jersey, and that the penalties of a guilty verdict in New Jersey may be applied differently under your home state’s law.

How You Need to Handle a Speeding Ticket
Aside from retaining an attorney to represent you and mitigate potential penalties, you need to be aware of certain factors in managing your Speeding Ticket. First of all, you must appear at your scheduled hearing date. Failure to do so will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest! Your problems will only be multiplied by this unfortunate consequence.

Second, you must be aware of how a ticket will affect you based upon your state of residence. If you are a New Jersey resident then the effects are accurately described above. However, if you are a Pennsylvania resident then the ticket and a guilty verdict will be reported from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania penalties will be assigned. Finally, it is important to recognize that in New Jersey, any negotiation regarding your speeding ticket will be conducted with a prosecutor, as opposed to a police officer as in Pennsylvania.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?
An attorney can help you to fight these tickets and achieve the best outcome possible. An attorney can look to make sure that the officer stop was appropriate and whether the reading was in fact accurate. Furthermore, an attorney can best identify what results you need – whether you’re simply trying to avoid a ticket with high points or you need fewer points to avoid suspension – and can negotiate with a prosecutor accordingly. Your best chance to avoid tough penalties upon your license is by hiring an experienced and knowledgeable traffic attorney.

Trenton Speeding Ticket Lawyer

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