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Gun Charges Lawyer Trenton NJ

Gun Crimes are aggressively prosecuted in New Jersey Courts. New Jersey is well known as one of the toughest states in which to be prosecuted for a gun-related offense. Penalties for gun crimes in New Jersey can range from two years in jail to more than ten years.

The type of sentence you serve in New Jersey is dependent on the type and the manner in which a gun is used or possessed. For example, mere possession of a concealed handgun without a license can lead to state imprisonment. However, if the court finds an aggravating factor, such as gang or organized crime activity, then you face a mandatory minimum of at least five years.

What Is a Gun Offense In Trenton?

A person can be charged with gun and gun related offenses if they do not have a permit to carry a handgun or other firearm and are caught carrying one. It is unlawful both to “open carry” or “conceal carry” a firearm without a permit. As such, should you have a weapon that is not in a gun case, you can and will be charged with illegally carrying a firearm, and will face the penalties outlined above.

Even carrying loose ammunition can lead to severe penalties, since these are considered “dangerous” for purposes of New Jersey law.

Lawyer for Gun Charges Trenton Free Consultation

If you are accused of a gun offense, you need to immediately contact an experienced New Jersey attorney who can help to evaluate your case. There are several defenses available to someone who is charged with a gun offense. Some of those defenses bring into question the manner in which the search and seizure of the firearm occurred. The search needs to be lawful under New Jersey law for the seizure of the firearm to be used in court. An experienced lawyer will be able to determine if a car stop was done without reasonable suspicion, and whether any subsequent search was done without probable cause.

In some instances, a warrant is necessary to search a person and seize a firearm. There are situations where police believe they do not need a warrant to search for your firearm, but are wrong. You need to have a skilled lawyer review your case for these issues.

There could also be issues not related to the search and seizure which may help your case. For instance, there may be an issue about who had possession of the firearm. You could have been in a car or house where the firearm belonged to another person and you unknowingly were near it. This is a trial issue for an attorney to look at.

Trenton Gun Charges Lawyer

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