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Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer Trenton

There is rarely a circumstance in which it is not negligent for someone to rear-end another driver on the road. Ultimately, you should be paying attention to the road and the road conditions in front of you. Unfortunately, Rear-End Accidents are the most common kind of Car Accident that we see on the road. The reasons for a Rear-End Accident are almost always the same. The rear-ending driver typically was not paying attention to the road in front of him or her because he or she was distracted. The most common other reasons for crashing into the rear of another car are because he or she was traveling too close to that car, he or she underestimated the weather conditions (ice and snow) or he or she believed that the car in front should have moved and they didn’t. Absent an “act of god” or an intentional act by the car you hit in front of you, there is no reason or justification for rear-ending a car in front of you. At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., our lawyers and staff handle rear-end car accidents efficiently and methodically. We can help you receive the benefits that you contracted for with your insurance company. We can help get your medical benefits, work loss benefits and collision coverage sorted out and paid. We help prevent any medical bill from going into collections like the initial hospital bill. If you or a loved one was injured in a rear-end collision, please call our office today for a free consultation.

Why do you get injured in a rear-end car accident? What if the property damage is minimal, but I am still feeling pain for some reason? The other driver said that I stopped suddenly, could this be my fault? The above questions are common for the victims of rear-end accidents to ask. The reality is that people do get injured in rear-end car accidents, and, depending on the severity of them, they could have permanent injuries. Here are some of the injuries we see from a rear-end collision:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain from whiplash
  • Cuts and abrasions from striking the steering wheel, or, worse still, the windshield
  • Herniated discs
  • Carpal Tunnel Lawyer
  • Tarsal (foot) injuries
  • Ulnar (elbow) nerve injuries
  • In severe crashes, brain injuries

Trenton Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

In many cases, the photographic evidence of the property damage appears very minor, and yet the victim of the crash has pain and injuries. How can that be? Well, people are not cars. The damage to the car actually plays little importance to how injured you get. In fact, without allowing the energy of the crash to dissipate through the crushing of the bumper and other portion of the car, passes through the car and hits you, the operator, very hard. consider it like this, when you go to the supermarket for eggs, you look for the carton of eggs that does not have any damage on it. Why is that? That is because we perceive the damaged carton to contain damaged eggs. However, even after locating a carton with no damages, we still look inside for a broken egg. Why? The reason is that we know, instinctively, that even though the carton can be perfect, there still may be a broken egg inside. This same logic applies to people in cars. Simply because there is no visible damage to a car does not mean that the occupant is not injured.

The person that rear-ended me said that I stopped suddenly and they could not prevent hitting me. They are saying it is my fault. Are they correct? Simply stated, no. The reason that they think that you suddenly stopped is that when you applied your brakes, the driver behind you was not looking. When they brought their eyes onto the roadway again, the first thing they see are brake lights. They perceive this as a sudden braking, when in fact; they would have been able to stop if they had been looking in front of them the entire time.

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