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Receiving Stolen Property Lawyer Trenton

If you are charged with receiving stolen property in New Jersey, you could be looking at serious penalties; both criminal and financial.

New Jersey law states that a person is guilty of theft if he or she knowingly receives or brings into New Jersey movable property of another knowing that it has been stolen, or believing that it is probably stolen.

If you are charged with Receiving Stolen Property, you will either face charges in Municipal Court or in Superior Court. Superior Court cases are significantly more serious, as they can carry jail sentences of years. Even though municipal court cases are not as serious, they can still carry jail sentences. This is exactly the reason it is important to hire the right lawyer for your case.

A lawyer can mean the difference between serving jail time on a receiving stolen property charge and potentially having your case dismissed. Many times, police will charge you with a serious second, third, or fourth degree crime, but once a lawyer is involved, the case is downgraded to municipal court. Having an attorney review the case and interact with prosecutors can only help you.

Even in cases where the charges are not downgraded to municipal court, your lawyer can help you get a favorable result, such as Pre-Trial Intervention, where, after a period of time, you can have your charges Expunged.

While lawyers cannot guarantee results, having an attorney involved increases the chance you will receive downgraded charges, get into a pretrial diversion program, or even have the charges dismissed.

Trenton Receiving Stolen Property Lawyer

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